Lithiumax RACE8 or RESTART9

A lot of customers asking us, if the RACE8 or RESTART9 is the better battery for their car. So let us get into the detail with this short article:

Both Lithiumax battery models have superior LiFePO4 cells and a BMS (battery management system). But the RESTART9 (& RESTART7) comes with additional BMS-functionalities. 

1) RESTART function

Our Lithiumax RESTART models have an internal "battery-main-switch", triggered when the voltage drops below 11.5 volts. With that additional function, the battery disconnects itself from all energy depleting sources of the car and "waits" for its restart. To restart the battery, just press the button on top. You will hear a firm click and your battery is ready to crank your engine. Even with 11.5 volts, LiFePO4 batteries have enough power to start almost every engine. 

2) Battery-Safety function:

The battery-safety function comes into place when you continue to deplete your battery after the 11.5 volt hard-cut. For example, you just restarted your battery but don't start the engine and leaving the car in the garage for another 2 months. In this case your car will slowly but consistently deplete your battery down to 8 volts. At 8 volts the battery hard-cut is triggered again and disconnects itself. Now you must charge the battery with a suitable charger (We advice to use our Lithiumax 10A Fast Charger). 


Due to the 11.5 volt hard-cut of our Lithiumax RESTART models, we equipped the batteries with a warning indication. In case your alternator does not charge your battery sufficient enough (or at all), our RESTART models will disconnect for a second and directly engage again to warn you of an upcoming hard-cut. This can also happen, if you leave your car on ignition for quite a while without starting it. ALWAYS REMEMBER: If you experience a warning cut-out, make sure your battery gets sufficiently charged by your car's alternator. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



Lithiumax RACE8:
  • 850 Cranking Amps for 10 seconds, 55Ah PbEq, 
  • No Restart function
  • No Battery-Safety function at 8volts
  • Recommended for Race- & Track-Use
  • Use with an external battery-main switch
Lithiumax RESTART9:
  • 900 Cranking Amps for 10 seconds, 68Ah PbEq
  • Restart function @11.5v
  • Battery-Safety function @8v
  • Recommended for Daily- & Street-Use

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